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Metro21 Research Featured in The Baltimore Sun

Many media outlets have highlighted Pittsburgh’s developments in smart cities and mobility, and most recently The Baltimore Sun touted the city’s work. In the article “Fast-track Baltimore from Charm City to ‘Smart City’” Metro21 research was cited showing how a city can use data and smart technologies to turn from a rust-belt neighbor to a smart city of the future.

Carnegie Mellon’s Scalable Urban Traffic Control (SURTRAC) system enables the city to cut car emissions by 20% and travel times by 25% over the past 5 years using traffic light sequencing plans. The smart traffic light implementation has also cut intersection waiting time by 40%. Traffic is not only inconvenient for the drivers and passengers, but The Baltimore Sun states that “Traffic congestion alone costs Baltimoreans more than $1,300 a year.”

The article concludes with a call to action: “Let’s not waste any time in embracing the world of inter-connectivity to ensure the myriad of smart city benefits, realized in Pittsburgh, can be reaped by the citizens of Baltimore as soon as possible.” Read more here.