Carnegie Mellon University


Secretary Foxx Joins Metro21 for Lunch

The Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Secretary Anthony Foxx, joined Carnegie Mellon University as a distinguished executive in residence for the 2018 – 2019 academic year. In this role, Foxx worked with the College of Engineering, Heinz College, and Metro21: Smart Cities Institute to assist the CMU communities in understanding how to effectively improve the quality of life for people in metro areas through policy, people, and technology.

To close the academic year, Secretary Foxx joined Metro21 Smart Cities Institute’s faculty, staff, and students for an end-of-the-year lunch. During the Metro21-hosted lunch, Foxx learned more about a wide variety of Metro21 research projects and student’s interest in the future of cities, transportation, and policy. Foxx shared his experiences and expertise on smart city initiatives and strategies, as well as his work in technology changes for advancing city life. Metro21 has valued Foxx’s insightful input on policy and guidance on smart city research during his appointment with Carnegie Mellon University and we look forward to working with Foxx on collaborative projects in the future.