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Pittsburgh Challenge

The City of Tomorrow Challenge is in Pittsburgh Today!

The City of Pittsburgh is quickly yet quietly becoming a hub of technology and innovation. The City of Tomorrow Challenge is an opportunity to make some noise about our cutting-edge ideas!

The challenge brings together government, communities and businesses to transform transportation in their cities. So, if you have an idea to stop bus bunching* of the 61 buses, or a clever ridesharing idea to connect suburbs and downtown, or perhaps an innovative parking solution for Oakland. Whatever your idea may be, rather broader planning efforts or immediate impacts - you could win up to $100,000 to get your idea moving! 

How the City of Tomorrow Challenge Works

The next time you're sitting around (or standing around at a bus stop) complaining about traffic and transportation, put that energy into a solution and submit your proposal for improving the way people move around the city of Pittsburgh. Proposals are accepted until October 10.
(Note: Deadline was extended from September 18, 2018.)

Learn more about the City of Tomorrow Challenge 

Read the Challenge Brief and Rules for important information, like how to submit your funding requirement, how the selection process works, and how the prize money will be used. Explore the Opportunity Areas to the right to see the categories of ideas we are looking for. Be sure to also check our Evaluation Criteria for details on how your ideas will be evaluated.

*In public transport, bus bunching refers to a group of two or more transit vehicles (such as buses or trains), running along the same route, which were scheduled to be evenly spaced, but instead run in the same place at the same time. This occurs when at least one of the vehicles is unable to keep to its schedule and therefore ends up in the same location as one or more other vehicles which are supposed to be behind it.