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Lunch and Learn with Bob Gradeck Flyer

Metro21 Lunch & Learn with Bob Gradeck

What could be better than free lunch? Free lunch with free learning! 

Metro21: Smart Cities Institute has launched a new Lunch & Learn Series. We are inviting you to join us once a month for a free lunch and presentations by leaders from the Pittsburgh area who are making a difference in our region. 

We're kicking off the Lunch & Learn Series on September 28 at 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM in Hamburg Hall Room 1005 with Bob Gradeck who manages the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center (WPRDC) at the University of Pittsburgh's University Center for Social and Urban Research.

In his talk, Bob will talk about the WPRDC, which provides inclusive infrastructure for open data in Southwestern Pennsylvania. The WPRDC has long served as a community information intermediary in the region, this helps empower people to find and use information to improve their communities. Information intermediaries help people find and use information to improve their communities.

We hope you can join on on September 28 at 12:00 PM - but if you can't make this one, we will see you on October 30 for our next Lunch and Learn with Grant Ervin. Stay tuned for more information!