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Pittsburgh Riverfront

Metro21 Faculty, Don Carter in U.S. News

Fort Wayne, Indiana and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are both post-industrial cities that have three rivers weaving through their metro areas, and both are taking steps to make their rivers a cultural attraction – not industrial infrastructure.

U.S. News featured their article “Banking on the River” and Metro21 Faculty and Director of The Remaking Cities Institute at CMU, Don Carter, is featured in the article describing how post-industrial cities are replacing steel mills with trees and parks.

Carter discusses the waterfront development movement that started in the late 80s and 90s when cities started focusing their energy and resources on building up their waterfronts as part of their downtown developments.

These efforts have had positive impacts on cities like Pittsburgh that invested millions in their 13-mile riverfront park system. However, Carter reminds readers that when considering a large project, they must how it weighs against priorities including affordable housing and education.

Read the full article on cities who bet on their rivers, including the common obstacles they face: