Carnegie Mellon University

Metro21 Faculty Awarded Over $2.5M as Part of DOE’s Advanced Vehicle Technologies Research Investment

To continue to improve energy efficiency and increase mobility intelligence, Metro21’s, Sean Qian and Costa Samaras were awarded over $2.5 million in combined funding from the Department of Energy.

This funding will be used to advance Sean Qian’s project in understanding and improving energy efficiency of regional mobility systems leveraging system-level data and Costa Samaras’ project on drones, delivery robots, driverless cars, and intelligent curbs for increasing energy productivity of first/last mile goods movement.

These projects fall into the DOE’s Technology Integration category. Projects in this area bring together key stakeholders into partnerships to provide data on the impact of mobility services and solutions. Through real-world testing and validation, the data, analysis, and insights from tech integration projects will fill critical information gaps to inform research needs as well as transportation planning (short and long term) that maximizes energy efficiency and affordability.

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