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Raj Rajkumar in an Automated Vehicle

Metro21 Director, Raj Rajkumar, Comments on PennDOT’s New Guidance for Automated Vehicles

PennDOT has been working with their Autonomous Vehicle Policy Task Force to issue the Guidance for Increased Safety Oversight of Highly Automated Vehicles. In addition to PennDOT Support, the Task Force consists of Commonwealth Representatives, Legislative Support and Stakeholder Representatives including Metro21’s Director, Raj Rajkumar and Traffic21 Institute's Executive Director, Stan Caldwell.

TribLIVE reached out to Raj Rajkumar, Director of Metro21, who stated that the guidelines achieve goals of both ensuring public safety and enabling Pennsylvania to remain a leader in autonomous vehicle testing.

Statements from Argo AI, Ford, Uber and Aurora Innovation was in agreement with Rajkumar, who expressed their gratitude for PennDOT’s new guidelines. Aurora Innovation commented that it is “balanced framework for the safe testing of autonomous vehicles in the Commonwealth.”

The guidelines take effect Aug 1, 2018.

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PennDOT Press Release on New Guidance