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Heinz College Website Features City of Tomorrow

Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University has been a leader in data analytics and policy for decades. In more recent years as the world learns to navigate the critical nexus of technology, policy and people, Heinz College is using the latest analytical methods to solve real world problems – and Metro21: Smart Cities Institute has joined the navigation.

Fire Risk Analysis 
Heinz College Website is featuring City of Tomorrow and the first featured story is the Metro21 Smart Cities Institute Project, "Fire Risk Analysis: Predicting Fire Risk to Prioritize Commercial Property Fire Inspections."

The article on the Heinz Website includes a quote from Mayor Bill Peduto, “What if you could use technology to determine the next building that was going to catch on fire?” and with the research done by the Metro21 funded project led by Michael Madaio, we’re doing just that!

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3D Visualization 
Another Metro21 funded project “3D Visualization of Buildings, the Public Realm, and Infrastructure from Simulation Data for Development” is featured on the Heinz City of Tomorrow issue. The project, developed in partnership with Heinz College, School of Architecture, School of Design and the Entertainment Technology Center utilizes 3D modeling and visualization to show urban planning and development to members of the communities on an interactive platform. These tools have shown to increase community engagement and give both citizens and policymakers the ability to immerse themselves to urban development proposals.

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Heinz College Students Craft Autonmous Vehicle Policies
Metro21 in collaboration with Traffic21 and Mobility21, are featured for the weekend course held in February 2018, where more than 30 CMU students, in addition to experts from Pittsburgh and CMU faculty and staff, came together to discuss societal consequences of autonomous vehicles. The most compelling outcomes from the weekend were presented to the office of Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto for consideration.

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Smart Data Utility Project
Heinz College at CMU has started making cities smarter, by getting in on projects on the ground floor – literally. Students, in collaboration ……. the Scott Institute at CMU, have built a new system to facility coordination among public utility companies during construction.

Working together with the City of Pittsburgh, students created a platform that digitally maps Pittsburgh’s infrastructure underground. The map could save millions of dollars each year by improving long-germ planning and efficiency. The capstone project team “Creating the Pittsburgh Smart Data Utility” included Meghan Clark, Muhammad Osama Mansoor, Stephen Munchel, Aiswariya Raja Prasanna Kumar, Benjamin Silliman and Yiwen Yu. The project was advised by Anna Siefken, associate director for innovation and strategic partnerships at CMU’s Scott Institute.

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Metro21 is honored to have a featured spot here at Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University. Crossroads may be made easier thanks to smart traffic lights, but the crossroads of policy and technology are becoming disrupted – and we’re eager and ready to help!