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Driverless Cars Run on Data Not Gasoline

Metro21: Smart Cities Institute and Carnegie Mellon University Professor, Raj Rajkumar spoke on a panel at Bloomberg Live’s  “The Value of Data” event in New York City.

The topic of this panel was data will be used to make sure driverless cars run effectively. The panel was compromised by executives from Perceptive Automata, DeepMap and Waze. Professor Rajkumar spoke about why you actually want a lower quality of data being used by these driverless cars to allow for quicker and better results. Rajkumar also explained the potential regulatory framework that is currently being discussed at both state and federal level in the United States.

Michael Naopoulos, Data Scientist at Waze, went into details about how Waze coordinates with governments to make sure the app reflects new driving patterns for special events.  Wei Lou from DeepMap discussed how her company is partnering with automakers to make their maps up to date and robust compared to their competition.

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