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QS Conversation, University-Public Sector Partnerships: Smart Cities

Dean Krishnan is a Keynote Speaker at QS in Conversation in Singapore

The QS in Conversation Seminar with the theme University-Public Sector Partnerships with a focus on Smart Cities is being held in Singapore on October 3 – October 5 and the Dean of Heinz College, Krishnan Ramayya, is a keynote speaker.

Dean Krishnan is heading to Singapore Management University on Oct 3 - Oct 5 to give a presentation on Carnegie Mellon University examples of US-based Smart Cities Projects and Lessons Learned from University-US Public Sector Partnerships. He will be presenting work that Metro21 has been developing with our Research, Development and Deployment approach to making Pittsburgh a Smart City.

Krishnan will also be a panelist for the Panel Discussion “Navigating the Risks and pitfalls of Smart City Collaborations”.

The QS Conversation Seminar will focus on the collaboration between government and academia to realize the promise of “smart” services and infrastructure. With a focus on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of things (IoT) technology has the potential to raise the quality of services for people, but also the realization that dealing with smart services and infrastructure comes with a lot of social, political, managerial and ethical challenges.

The conversation will also focus on the idea that the university and city partnerships are a natural step but who can bridge the work culture gap between academia and government?

CMU's collaborative relationship with the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and other government agencies has already started bridging that gap between academia and government. We look forward to Dean Krishnan sharing the experiences and what we've learned at CMU's Metro21 through multidisciplinary efforts to employ research, development and deployment and we look forward to learning from the QS in Conversation.