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CMU Professor Wants Pittsburgh to be The Smartest of Smart Cities

Pittsburgh Magazine features Carnegie Mellon University’s Computer Science and Robotics Professor, Jessica Hodgins and her dream for Pittsburgh becoming the Smartest of the Smart Cities.

Her op-ed in the Pittsburgh Magazine gives the city a pep talk, reminding Pittsburgher's that the legacy infrastructure is no worse than other cities like Pittsburgh but that with our universities, start-ups, and entrepreneurial spirit, we are in the right place to be the smartest smart city.

Using examples like Smart stop lights, managing waste and storm run-offs better, and using technology to finally fix that infamous Pittsburgh pothole problem, Hodgin’s describes how Pittsburgh can use AI and technology to be a leader in smart cities.

Metro21 has already started working on making this dream come true in the city of Pittsburgh with many of our projects. Check them out here.

Read her full article here.