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7 Things You Can Do for Your Community - Metro21 Exec. Director Quoted in Forbes

Metro21’s Executive Director, Karen Lightman, was featured in a Forbes Magazine article about her appearance at the Brookings Institute’s panel on cities initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint and combat climate change. The article starts with a feature of the Metro21 Project Platform Pittsburgh that is funded by our partners at The Heinz Endowments. 

In the article, Karen gives some insight into how cities can position themselves to cut down on energy consumption, waste, and emissions. Later in the article, Karen explains the seven tips you can do as a community member to help with these issues. One tip the importance of quality data, as Karen puts it “garbage in, garbage out.” This data plan includes empowering citizens around the community to be "citizen data scientist." The article talks about how data analysis can reveal many interesting insights and help drive results at a granular neighborhood level.  

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