Carnegie Mellon University
July 25, 2016

Check Out This Great Resource for County-Level Health Data: Allegheny County 26/67 Counties in PA

Ever wonder where Allegheny County ranks in overall health in Pennsylvania? Thanks to Route Fifty's "County-Level Health Data" article, we now know where to find this information. County Health Rankings, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation program, compiled county data to rank health outcomes, quality of life, health behaviors, clinical care, social and economic factors, and physical environment.

screenshot of Allegheny health outcomes website

Allegheny County ranks 26 out of 67 PA counties, better than half the counties, while just a bit south, Greene and Fayette Counties rank 59 and 66, respectively. This new tool gives states the capability to pinpoint which counties have a higher health risk and how to best target each county. County Health Rankings also offers a contact for personalized health coaching to determine the best support for each county.

graphic of steps for an actionable health plan

For more info about actionable plans, check out the Action Center at County Health Rankings.

See the break-down of Allegheny County's Health Rankings.