Carnegie Mellon University

photo of bus in city

Bus on the edge: Continuous monitoring of traffic and infrastructure

Join us for a discussion with Christoph Mertz, a Carnegie Mellon University Principal Project Scientist! Mertz will talk about his Mobility21 UTC project, “Bus on the edge: Continuous monitoring of traffic and infrastructure,” highlighting how transit buses are now routinely recording their surroundings with cameras for security and liability reasons. 

Metrz will discuss how the project wants to tap into this data stream to monitor the road infrastructure for damage or danger and provide services like traffic counts and map updates, while respecting the privacy of the traffic participants. Because of the large amount of raw video data and limited available bandwidth, processing has to be done on the bus itself, i.e. the research team needs to employ edge computing. 


When: Friday, April 17 at Noon

Where: To register for the April 17 SMC, click the link here.