Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh Night Skyline

September 05, 2019

"Triangulation: Dark Skies" Book Reading and Signing Event

Metro21 is proud to promote an upcoming reading and signing event for the anthology “Triangulation: Dark Skies”, happening Wednesday, the 11th of September at 4:30 p.m. After a brief update on Metro21’s nighttime city mapping project, you’ll enjoy a reading by Dark Skies author Mary Soon Lee, one of the world’s premier astronomy poets. 

“Triangulation: Dark Skies”, an annual themed anthology, features 21 speculative fiction stories about stars and light pollution. 

Light pollution is unnecessary artificial light at night that robs us of the stars and adversely affects Earth’s nighttime ecosystem. It wastes billions of dollars a year in misdirected light, which raises our carbon footprint. See how the featured authors incorporated starlight into their stories!

The event will be held in Wean Hall, Room 7316. No RSVP is required.