Carnegie Mellon University

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February 11, 2019

10th Annual Sustainability Conference - Smart Cities: Transforming Cities for a New Era

The 10th annual Sustainability Conference is scheduled for March 6 2019 at the August Wilson Center in Pittsburgh. The event is co-hosted by Metro21: Smart Cities Institute, The American Society of Civil Engineers (Pittsburgh Section), The Environmental and Water Resources Institute (Pittsburgh Chapter) and Sustainable Pittsburgh / Champions for Sustainability

The event will cover topics including: Latest updates in "Smartifying" the City of Pittsburgh, latest in smart technology breakthroughs and research, the future of urban infrastructure, societal impacts including the future of work and workforce development.  

Featured speakers at the event include: 

  • Keynote: Dr Donald Carter, Director of Remaking Cities Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Karen Lightman, Executive Director of Metro21: Smart Cities Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Grant Ervin, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Pittsburgh 

Join Metro21 and regional leaders in technology and policy to discuss Smart Cities, Transforming the Pittsburgh Region with Smarter Infrastructure, The Future of Work and much more. 

Learn more about the conference and review the agenda: