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August 20, 2018

2018 NASPAA Annual Conference

The National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (say that times five times fast) is hosting their annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia on October 10 – 13 and Metro21 will be represented by our Executive Director, Karen Lightman.

This year’s focus will be “Making a Difference: Good Governance in Disrupted State(s)”. Emphasizing the notion that disruptions are rocking our world, and public affairs education needs to prepare students to not only expect crises but navigate them effectively. From political conflict, to natural disasters and war, disruptions are not new – but they are changing.

As technology brings new security challenges and privacy threats, and artificial intelligence brings decision making and regulation into question, in addition to financial uncertainty and natural disasters pushing government resources, curriculum changes in MPP and MPA need to face these challenges on local, national and global scales.

When the 2018 NASPAA conference gathers in October, the goal is to address the question: Is Public Affairs and Administration is doing enough to make a difference in these disrupted states?

Karen Lightman is heading to Atlanta to join to the conversation and to discuss the role universities and public affairs education in advancing smart cities – for everyone. Below is the summary of the panel Karen is moderating: 

Connecting Technology, People and Policy in Smart Cities (*Prelim Schedule) 
Friday, October 12, 8:00 ‐ 9:00 am
Cities are at a crossroads of contrasts ‐ many are growing while some of their residents are left behind. What can universities play in advancing the “smart” in smart cities, and specifically, what role should public affairs education play? This panel will explore these and other issues related to the goal of connecting technology, people and policy in smart cities and provide a guide to best practice for a new Operating System (O/S) for creating truly smart cities.

- Karen Lightman, Carnegie Mellon University*
- Debra Lam, Georgia Institute of Technology
- Neil Kleiman, New York University
- Mike Carnathan, Atlanta Regional Commission
- Varun Rai, The University of Texas at Austin

Check out the NASPAA Annual Conference Preliminary Schedule

The early bird registration is until September 9. We hope to see you there!