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poster for lunch and learn

Commoning the City

Please join us on Feburary 28th for a lunch and learn!

Against the backdrop of the escalating climate crisis, social inequity and political polarization, the failures of governments or the market to provide even access to resources and opportunities is leading citizens the world over to take matters into their own hands, self-organizing by pooling resources and claiming their collective right to the city.

The creative insights emerging from these practices of commoning offer an entry point for refuting the neoliberal mantra “there is no alternative,” and spurring the imagination of other possible worlds. What impact can commoning have on the bottom-up transformation of cities? And what agency do designers have in contributing to such commons transition? 

This talk will reflect on the long-term exhibition and publication project An Atlas of Commoning and discuss the commons as a contested field.

Location: Hamburg Hall Room 1202 
Time: February 28th from 12 - 1pm  

Lunch is provided!