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Metro21 Contributes to Code for America's Digital Library

Metro21 Executive Director, Karen Lightman, will be speaking at Code4America in Washington, D.C on March 11th - 13th. The annual three-day event is an opportunity for public servants, advocates, entrepreneurs, technologists, and volunteers to get together in one room and break through some of government’s biggest challenges. In 2020, the focus is: Design + Delivery; Civic Innovation + Data; Operations + Management; and Technology + Policy.

Lightman will speak at the following sessions:

  • The Policy Innovation Lab: A Starter Kit for Citizen-Centered Policy Design Courses and Future Public Interest Technologists 
  • How Robots in Pittsburgh’s Traffic Signals Improved Citizen Quality of Life

In these talks, Lightman will be speaking about Metro21’s projects and municipal partnerships. She will specifically highlight Metro21’s project, Surtrac, which focuses on smart traffic lights. 

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