Carnegie Mellon University

photo of city

Intertwining Technology with Established Infrastructure

This past January, Metro21 Executive Director, Karen Lightman, spoke at the Consumer Electronics Show on the topic of smart cities. The focus of the discussion was how to intertwine new technologies with established infrastructure.

One highlight from the talk was the need for cities to find a way to pool resources and fund the needs for city renovation, which can be identified through tech advances such as AI and 5G. As an example, Karen Lightman, executive director of Metro21 – Smart Cities Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, said, “We’re using artificial intelligence as a way of predicting the likelihood of landslides so that investments can be made in infrastructures.”

Infrastructures, even crumbling ones, paired with new technology can offer renewable solutions for smarter futures. Lightman highlighted one of Metro21’s projects focused on using deep learning algorithms to predict landslides.

For more information about Metro21’s talk at CMU, click here.