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Digitizing the City Landscape

Karen Lightman, Executive Director of Metro21: Carnegie Mellon's Smart Cities Insitute, presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 8th on the topic of "Blending New Tech and Aging Infrastructure in Smart Cities." The talk was highlighted in the Las Vegas Review Journal along with other technologies set to disrupt cities and transform them into the smart cities of the future. 

Lightman recommended that people not "get too bogged down by the technical details." She said “It’s not about gadgets and gizmos, and granted I love them, but it’s really about improving efficiency and effectiveness and using technology as a tool,” during one of several Smart Cities-focused panels at CES.

Many of Metro21's projects were highlighted throughout the talk. Most projects are moving towards the idea of human-centered design and citizen engagement where municipalities partner with the community and embrace new technology together. 

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