Carnegie Mellon University


November 05, 2019

Lunch & Learn: Erin Dalton, Allegheny County Department of Human Services

Erin Dalton, Deputy Director of the Office of Analytics, Technology and Planning for Allegheny County Department of Human Services and CMU alumnus, came to speak to the CMU community on October 21, 2019 for a Lunch & Learn co-hosted by Metro21: Smart Cities Institute and the Block Center for Technology and Society

Allegheny County DHS is working to serve our community’s most vulnerable populations, and they’re doing it with data. Deputy Director Dalton shined a light on numerous DHS-CMU coordinated projects that are utilizing data to solve tangible problems to make an impact on the community. One specific program that was discussed at length is the ongoing collaborative efforts between DHS and CMU faculty, including Heinz College Professor (and Metro21 faculty member) Alexandra Chouldechova, to develop an algorithm to assist in child welfare decision making

CMU, led by the Block Center and Metro21, is teaming up with Allegheny County DHS on numerous projects as a part of DHS’s new multi-institutional partnership with other local universities. From algorithm-assisted decision making in child welfare cases to identifying high-risk opioid users for early intervention, CMU faculty and students are contributing to DHS projects to make a difference in our community—and Deputy Director Dalton wanted those in the audience to know that they can be a part of the change, too. 

If you have systems or research project ideas that you’d like to propose, please reach out to Brian Rhindress ( 

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