Carnegie Mellon University
August 10, 2011

Siefert and Epting Present to ASME

Siefert and Epting Present to ASME Siefert and Epting Present to ASME Nick Siefert and Billy Epting presented at the combined ASME Fuel Cell Science, Engineering & Technology and Energy Sustainability conferences. The meeting was held in Washington, D.C., on 7-10 August 2011.

Nick presented two times. The first was his work concerning two-phase flow and voltage instabilities in PEM fuel cell channel flow. The other focused instead on the exergy and economics of various configurations of carbon capture power plants with solid oxide fuel cells.

Billy's presentation tied together electrochemical measurements with recent 3D X-ray reconstructions of a PEM fuel cell electrode's morphology. The link was made using an advanced simulation that uses the results of the 3D image to predict proton transport losses, which can then be compared to the actual measurements of the same.

Over 120,000 professionals and students worldwide belong to the 130-year-old American Society of Mechanical Engineers. This year, the organization made the decision to co-locate the 5th annual Energy Sustainability conference with the 9th annual Fuel Cell Science, Engineering & Technology conference, fostering communication between fuel cell engineers and the more general sustainability & engineering community.

Prof. Shawn Litster and Kacy Hess were co-authors on the presentations.