Summer@CMU Newsletter: Summer Student Profile: Hardik Singh - Article and interview with undergraduate student Hardik Singh

ASME Mechanical Engineering Magazine: A leg up on robomechanics - Article and interview

Recode: Robots copy their coolest moves from animals - Article and interview

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: CMU and Tata Consultancy Services partner for the "4th Industrial Revolution" - Article on TCS groundbreaking that featured XRL delivering a brick to the ceremony and my student, Catherine Pavlov, representing the department. See also: CMU Press Release


CMU Mechanical Engineering: Robomechanics: Aaron Johnson’s robotic zoo - Press release about the creation of the Robomechanics Lab

The Washington Post: Robots could eventually replace soldiers in warfare. Is that a good thing? - Article written with Vivek Wadhwa.

The article also appeard in: The Huffington Post, Singularity Hub, and others.
The article was covered and discussed in many venues including The Armstrong and Getty Show (syndicated radio talkshow), Future Left Podcast, Reddit, and more.