The research in the Particle Flow & Tribology Lab (PFTL)  can be broken down by the Industrial Application, Research Theme, or Project Title. The research themes that the PFTL focuses on are: Granular Flow, Powder Flow, Slurry Flow, and interdisciplinary projects on Multi-physics Computational Fluid Dynamics and Fluid-structure-interaction (FSI).

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Research by Industrial Application

Rock Drilling for Energy Resources   Chemical Mechanical Polishing   Powder Flow and Lubrication
Rock Drilling for Energy Resources
Photo: Wikipedia
  Chemical Mechanical Polishing
Photo: netzsh-grinding.com
  Powder Flow and Lubrication
Photo: popularmechanics.com
Orthopedic Interfaces   Additive Manufacturing   Industrial Bearing Contacts
Orthopedic Interfaces
Photo: niams.nih.gov
  Additive Manufacturing
Photo: exone.com
  Industrial Bearing Contacts
Photo: timken.com
Solids Processing   Particle Attrition in
Engineering Systems
  Impact Dynamics
Solids Processing
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  Particle Attrition in  Engineering Systems
Photo: pennenergy.com
  Impact Dynamics
Photo: espncdn.com
Wheel-Terrain Interaction   Bio-Fuels   Smart Surfaces
Wheel-Terrain Interaction
Photo: foxnews.com
Photo: blog.homenetdirect.com
  Smart Surfaces
Photo: nanomikro.kit.edu
Predicting Friction and Wear   Additives and Contaminants   Multiphysics CFD and
Fuid Structure Interaction
Predicting Friction and Wear
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  Additives and Contaminants
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  Multiphysics CFD and  Fuid Structure Interaction
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Thin Film Coatings   Data Storage   Mechanical Sealing
Thin Film Coatings
Photo: commons.widimedia.com
  Data Storage
Photo: clouddb.info
  Mechanical Sealing
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Research by Academic Themes

Granular Flow Powder Flow Slurry Flow
 granular flow illustration powder flow illustration slurry flow illustration
granular flow
Photo: mining.mosaicprojects.com
powder flow
Photo: shapeways.com
slurry flow
Multi-Physics Computational Fluid Dynamics
Multi-Physics Computational Fluid Dynamics   Multi-Physics Computational Fluid Dynamics

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Project Titles

  1. Single Granule Impact Investigations
  2. Single Granule Friction and Wear Investigations
  3. Impact Testing of Spheres against Thin Film Substrates
  4. Granular Flows in Rough Annular Shear Cells
  5. Granular Flow Lubrication in Journal Bearing Geometries
  6. Cellular Automata (CA) Modeling of Granular Flows
  7. Fast Multiphase (Fluid-Particle) Flow Modeling
  8. Explicit Finite Element Modeling (FEM) of Granular Flows
  9. Elucidating Powder Flow Mechanics in Additive Manufacturing
  10. Dry and Lubricated Bit Cutter-on-Rock Tribometry (BCORT)
  11. Optical Characterization of Transfer Film Mechanics
  12. Deterministic Modeling of Two-Body Abrasive Wear and Friction Relationships
  13. Friction and Wear Control in the Artificial Hip Joint
  14. Mechanisms of Liquid Lubricant Enhancement using Powder Additives
  15. Electrically Conductive Solid Powder Lubrication
  16. Volumetric Fractional Coverage (VFC) Modeling to Predict Transfer Film Lubrication and Coating Lifetime
  17. Numerical Modeling of Transfer Film Formation
  18. Tribological Performance of Mechanically Textured Solid Lubricant Reservoir Tribosystems
  19. Full-scale Multiphysics CMP Modeling
  20. Multi-scale Thermal Modeling of Mixed Lubrication Interfaces
  21. Industrial-scale CMP modeling
  22. Experiments in Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP)
  23. Material and Surface Characterization of Polished Surfaces
  24. Computational Modeling of Surface Texturing Effects
  25. Full-Scale, Multiphysics Tribology Modeling of Artificial Hip Joints
  26. Fundamental Research on Sealing Nuclear Reactor Coolant Pumps
  27. CMP aware design for manufacturability in integrated circuits
  28. Multi-Scale Physics-Based Modeling of CMP
  29. CMP aware design for manufacturability in Bit-Patterned Media
  30. Mechanical Characterization of Microalgae
  31. Particle-Surface Tribology Analysis Code (P-STAC): High-Performance Computing Tribology and Multiphase CFD Computing
  32. Contamination of bearing interfaces and sliding contacts in mechanical tribosystems
  33. Multi-scale (single cutter and full bit) oil & gas drilling Simulations

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