Carnegie Mellon University

Green Chemistry and the Environment

Institute for Green ScienceThe Mellon College of Science is a leader in the field of green chemistry, conducting research into renewable energy sources, environmentally sound chemical processes and remediation of chemical waste. Learn more at MCS's Institute for Green Science.

Green Chemistry and the Environment

MCS is home to two winners of the Environmental Protection Agency's Green Chemistry Challenege Award, Terry Collins and Krzysztof Matyjaszewski.

Watch Terry Collins talk about green chemistry in a video on green chemistry, from the Carnegie Mellon YouTube channel.

Solar Tech

MCS researchers are investigating methods to create solar fuels.

Watch a video on solar technologies, from the Scott Institute for Energy Innovation.

Air Pollution

Mellon College of Science researchers are working to pinpoint the sources and effects of harmful atmospheric particles that cause air pollution. Learn more at Carnegie Mellon's Center for Atmospheric Particle Studies.