MCS Policy on Faculty Searches

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MCS Policy on Faculty Searches

Adopted by the MCS Dean March 2000; revised and adopted by the MCS Dean July 2015.

The procedures for making faculty appointments are governed by College and University Policy as well as obligations under Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action laws and regulations. The Mellon College of Science has a commitment to an open, fair search process that seeks excellence in a respectful, diverse, and inclusive University context.

  1. Each time a faculty search is initiated, a list of the search committee members must be provided to the MCS Dean before advertisements are placed. Search committees must be as diverse as possible. Members of both junior and senior faculty in the Department should be taken into consideration in forming the search committee, and it should include one or more members from outside of the recruiting department or from outside MCS. If no outside member is present on a search committee, a written explanation must be provided to the Dean. A faculty member from the University of Pittsburgh could be a member of the search committee either because of expertise relevant to the particular search or by providing an outside member in cases where collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh is generally of importance for CMU faculty in the particular subdiscipline.

    Members of the search committee are required to become familiar with implicit bias and should remain aware of its effects on decision making as part of conducting an open and equitable search process. The Chair of each search committee must provide a plan to assure that a diversified search will take place. That plan, along with the text of the proposed advertisement, must be approved by the Dean before the advertisements for the position are placed. The plan should contain a brief discussion of strategies for reaching the whole pool of potential candidates, demographics of recent PhDs in the discipline, and a list of sites for placement of advertisements. The discussion should, for example, also include a strategy for contacting members of underrepresented groups and institutions known for training women and minority group members, and lists documenting relevant individuals and organizations. The plan for tracking the diversity of the applicant pool must be described and be in compliance with Equal Opportunity Services (EOS) requirements for demographic data monitored under CMU’s Affirmative Action Plan. As University policy has been evolving, in the future additional data may be required to be reported.
  2. The “short list” of applicants, with brief summaries of each of the candidates, must be submitted for approval by the Dean before invitations for on-campus interviews are made. In addition, a discussion of how the plan to carry out a diverse search was or was not accomplished together with the aggregate diversity data from the actual search will be submitted to the Dean. Any later additions to the short-list must similarly be submitted to the Dean for approval together with an explanation of why the list of interviewees is being expanded.
  3. At the end of the search, the Chair of the Search Committee will provide a debriefing report to the Dean on the effectiveness of the Committee’s diversity efforts and the lessons learned. The report should include the aggregate diversity data for all applicants, the University’s Faculty Affirmative Action form (or equivalent), the list of interviewees, and the status of any offers made.