MCS GSAC Meeting Minutes
August 12, 2002

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August 12, 2002

In Attendance:
Ed Horsey (Biological Sciences)
Tiffany Miles (Biological Sciences)
Justin Douglas (Chemistry)
Marc Fasnacht (Physics)

Renee Starek (Career Center)
Gregg Franklin (MCS Dean's Office)
Katya Malkin (MCS Dean's Office)

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Tiffany Miles will be taking for Ed Horsey as a representative from Biological Sciences this fall. Welcome Tiffany!

Career Event:
Renee joined the meeting to get input from GSAC on her plans for the Career Event to be held on September 18.
  • Local Panelists will receive parking passes for the Dithridge Street garage. They will also receive Carnegie Mellon T-shirts and chocolates form the university shop.
  • Posters advertising the event will be displayed near the elevators in Wean Hall (floors 5 - 8) and in Mellon Institute.
  • An email invitation will be sent to graduate coordinators to pass along to their students and faculty members on September 3. The event will not be promoted heavily to undergraduates, but if they show they will be welcome to attend.
  • A reminder email will be sent to all MCS graduate students on Tuesday, September 17. Renee can send this to Katya, who will make sure that it is distributed to students. The email invitation will include a reminder that dress for the event is casual and that students should feel free to attend just to get information even if they aren't currently looking for a job.
  • Renee plans to contact Nancy Klancher who can distribute information about the event to students outside of MCS.
  • GSAC members should promote the event in their departments and encourage other students to attend.
  • We will no longer be using the MI Auditorium since the event has been scaled down. The panel discussion and networking will be held in the Social and Conference Rooms.
Renee distributed three handouts:
  1. Suggested questions for the panelists, to be distributed at the event and to the panelists along with their parking passes - also lists information about each panelist.
  2. Poster advertising the event.
  3. Remaining tasks for planning the event.
GSAC members volunteered for the following tasks at the event:
  • Greet attendees and hand out the list of questions - Mark and Justin
  • Facilitate Panel discussion - Ed
  • Present gifts to the panelists at the conclusion of the discussion - Tiffany
  • Mingle at the networking social - Everyone
The out of town panelists are staying the Holiday Inn in Oakland. Ed and Justin also plan to meet with them at 12:00 on September 18 and take them to lunch.