MCS GSAC Meeting Minutes
March 6, 2001

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March 6, 2001

In Attendance:
Alex Bodarenko
(Mathematical Sciences)
Kathryn Trapp
(Mathematical Sciences)
David Owen
(MCS Dean's Office)
Katya Malkin
(MCS Dean's Office)

2000 GSAC Minutes Archive

This year's minutes:
January 23, 2001
February 13, 2001
The sub-committees working on topics for calibrating expectations for entering graduate students have not made a decision yet.

David distributed some information from Doctorate Recipients from United States Universities: Summary Report 1999. The full book was also available for review. A lot of demographic information was available, along with statistics about time to complete degree and average age at completion. This information should be of interest to the group and may also be helpful in determining what we should focus on when calibrating expectations.

David also distributed a study of math departments that Jim Greenberg provided. This study focused on three areas: teaching, stipends, and health insurance. The stipend list for Carnegie Mellon departments was also redistributed for comparison.

Next Meeting:
Since the next meeting falls on the Tuesday after spring break, several members will be unable to attend. We would like to reschedule the meeting for April 17 from 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM. This will be our last meeting of the Spring 2001 semester.