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Giving is personal, and we provide our alumni, friends, faculty, staff, and students with the means to be philanthropic and effectual in ways that reflect their passions, lifestyle and financial situations.

The Mellon College of Science is a vibrant school committed to the discovery of knowledge and the training of the next generation of scientists. Our faculty, students and alumni in all four disciplines: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematical Sciences, and Physics are international leaders making advances with lasting impact on foundational knowledge and critical global challenges including sustainability, health, and quality of life.

We have a passion for excellence in research and education and an open, collegial environment that supports creativity and initiative. We seek to address worthwhile problems through fundamental research, translational efforts, and entrepreneurial activities while fostering an inclusive atmosphere that values and supports faculty, staff, and students in achieving their ambitions. Your gift to the Mellon College of Science expresses your commitment to this vision. Join us!


When you donate to the Mellon College of Science, you guarantee that our students receive the highest quality of education — through faculty and facilities, scholarships and research opportunities, access to the latest equipment and travel to conferences. Support our students' exceptional intellect and enhance not only the value of their diplomas, but also science and society.

Thank you for investing in science!

We encourage you to direct your gift to one of the four priority funds below :


Give to Dean's Innovation Fund

Help ensure the growth of the college by allowing the dean to act quickly to develop new programs and curriculum, retain key faculty, support students, improve outreach efforts, and take advantage of ground-breaking opportunities as they arise.


Give to MCS Student Undergraduate Research Fund

Support undergraduates in their endeavors by giving to this fund which will provide research scholarships for students to work side by side of faculty researchers and travel funds for students to present papers at professional conferences.  

diversity Initiatives

Give to Diversity Initiatives

Champion the efforts to build a diverse and inclusive community at the Mellon College of Science that support areas such as curriculum development, student organizations, K-12 outreach programs, graduate student recruiting, faculty recruitment, and workshops to support faculty and TAs in their approaches to teaching, advising and mentoring students from a wide range of life experiences and backgrounds.

parent fund

Give to MCS Parents Fund

Enhance the academic and social experience for our students! This unrestricted fund will allow the college to respond to the needs of our students quickly in areas such as financial aid, student life and academic support.

How to make a gift

Every gift to the Mellon College of Science counts toward the goals of Make Possible, the Campaign for Carnegie Mellon University.

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"The future of science lies in combining the foundational sciences with automation, big data and technology. No other university is positioned to do this as well as Carnegie Mellon."

Glen De Vries Dean, MCS

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