Carnegie Mellon University

The Richard Moore Award

The Richard Moore Award recognizes faculty members in the Mellon College of Science who have made substantial and sustained contributions to the educational mission of the college, particularly faculty members whose educational contributions to the college have extended over a substantial portion of their academic careers. This award was established in 1995.

1995 Albert Caretto Chemistry
1997 Richard MacCamy Mathematical Sciences
1998 Hugh Young Physics
1999 Morton Gurtin Mathematical Sciences
2000 Victor J. Mizel Mathematical Sciences
2002 William E. Brown Biological Sciences
2003 John Woolford Biological Sciences
2005 Peter Berget Biological Sciences
2006 William Hrusa Mathematical Sciences
2007 Stuart Staley Chemistry
2008 Paul Karol Chemistry
2010 Richard Holman Physics
2012 Jonathan Minden Biological Sciences
2013 Gregg Franklin Physics
2015 Helmut Vogel Physics
2016 Brooke McCartney Biological Sciences
2017 No award given