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Dr. J. Paul Fugassi and Linda Monteverde Award

This award is presented each year to the Mellon College of Science graduating female senior with the greatest academic achievement and professional promise. The award was established in 1971 by J. Paul Fugassi, Professor of Chemistry at Carnegie Mellon from 1935–1975, in memory of his aunt, Linda E. Monteverde, who nurtured the love of learning in all of her nieces and nephews.

Year Name Department
1984 Janet Beyer Mathematical Sciences
1984 Jan Cook Chemistry
1984 Teesa Ricci Physics
1985 Cynthia Corley Biological Sciences
1986 Cynthia Taylor Physics
1987 Ellen Miller Biological Sciences
1988 Sarah Gaffen Biological Sciences
1989 Kimberly Orsborn Chemistry
1990 Diane Klibanow Chemistry
1991 Kelli Satterwhite Biological Sciences
1992 Kathleen Guger Biological Sciences
1993 Lisa Milan Physics
1994 Jennifer Hartt Chemistry
1994 Lisa Komenda Biological Sciences
1995 Danielle Friedrichsen Biological Sciences
1995 Stephanie Kukura Chemistry
1996 Barbara Thompson Biological Sciences
1997 Sandra Culp Biological Sciences
1998 Patience Morena Mathematical Sciences
1999 Helena McGahagan Physics/Mathematical Sciences
2000 Cindy Dennis Physics
2001 Rebecca Frederick Biological Sciences
2002 Zhou Dong Mathematical Sciences
2003 Elizabeth Glogowski Chemistry
2004 Ericka Anderson Biological Sciences
2005 Catherine Hofler Biological Sciences
2006 Jennifer Jocz Biological Sciences
2006 Monisha Mandalaywala Chemistry
2007 Claire Tomesch Mathematical Sciences
2008 Mariela Zeledon Biological Sciences
2009 Heather Chalfin Biological Sciences
2010 Cameron Exner Biological Sciences
2011 Jane Herriman Chemistry
2011 Kellie Kravarik Biological Sciences
2012 Lisa Alexander Chemistry
2013 Wendy Li Biological Sciences
2014 Kelsey Hallinen Physics
2015 Danielle Schlesinger Chemistry
2016 Rebecca Alford Chemistry
2017 Stephanie O’Neil Physics
2018 April Li Mathematical Science
2019 Nan Zhang Biological Sciences

The Paul J. Fugassi and Linda Monteverde Award has been established to recognize superior scholarship and exceptional promise of a senior woman in MCS.


All senior women in MCS are eligible. The MCS Monteverde Award is given to a senior woman each year solely on the basis of superior scholarship and exceptional promise in biology, chemistry, math, or physics.


The Dean of MCS will designate an MCS Associate Dean to be responsible for the administration of the nomination and selection process, including the calling for proposals and the convening of the Selection Committee.

Selection Committee

The recipient will be chosen by a committee appointed by the Dean of MCS that includes the MCS Associate Dean Responsible for the committee and the advisor from each department.

For more information on guidelines, nomination, ore more, please visit the MCS Intranet.