Carnegie Mellon University

Julius Ashkin Teaching Award

The purpose of the Julius Ashkin Teaching Award is to encourage and recognize unusual devotion and effectiveness in teaching undergraduate students in the Mellon College of Science. This award was established in 1980.

1980 Jon Bentley Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences
1980 Paul Karol Chemistry
1980 Saj-Nicole A. Joni Mathematical Sciences
1981 Julius P. Ashkin Physics
1982 Herschel Markovitz Chemistry
1983 Robert W. Kraemer Physics
1984 David A. Tirrell Chemistry
1985 Elizabeth W. Jones Biological Sciences
1986 William J. Hrusa Mathematical Sciences
1987 William E. Brown Biological Sciences
1988 Helmut Vogel Physics
1989 Jack W. Schaeffer Mathematical Sciences
1990 Thomas A. Ferguson Physics
1991 Linda R. Kauffman Biological Sciences
1992 Helen U. Goldburg Physics
1993 Karen H. Stump Chemistry
1994 Michael A. Albert Mathematical Sciences
1995 Reinhard Schumacher Physics
1996 David Owen Mathematical Sciences
1997 Sara Majetich Physics
1998 John Woolford Biological Sciences
1999 Ruth Chabay Center for Innovation in Learning and Physics
1999 Bruce Sherwood Center for Innovation in Learning and Physics
2000 Carrie Doonan Biological Sciences
2001 Barry B. Luokkala Physics
2002 David Yaron Chemistry
2003 Reha H. Tütüncü Mathematical Sciences
2004 Bruce A. Armitage Chemistry
2005 Gordon Rule Biological Sciences
2006 Curtis Meyer Physics
2007 John Mackey Mathematical Sciences
2008 Amy Burkert Biological Sciences
2009 Peter Berget Biological Sciences
2010 Catalina Achim Chemistry
2011 Thomas Bohman Mathematical Sciences
2012 Danith Ly Chemistry
2013 Giovanni Leoni Mathematical Sciences
2014 Robert Swendsen Physics
2015 Susan Graul Chemistry
2016 Po-Shen Loh Mathematical Sciences
2017 David Anderson Physics