Carnegie Mellon University

Liye Fu

Liye Fu

Graduate Student

Carnegie Mellon University
4400 Fifth Avenue
Mellon Institute
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


B.S. Chemistry, Central Michigan University, 2009-2013

Michigan State University, 2013-2015


1. Fu, L.; Li, L.; O‘Hara, K.; Bitterman, L.; Du, W.* Synthesis of Clickable Polysaccharides as Nanoscopic Assemblies. Chem. Commun., 2014, 50, 12742-12745

2. Li, L., Xu, Y., Milligan, I., Fu, L., Franckowiak, E. A. and Du, W.*, Synthesis of Highly pH-Responsive Glucose Poly(orthoester). Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2013, 52, 13699 –13702

Research Experience

  • Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI                           July 2010 - July 2013
    • Undergraduate research with Prof. Wenjun Du
    • Project: Synthesis of glucose-based biocompatible and biodegradable polymers as drug loading-delivery nanoparticles.
  • Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI                                 Aug 2013 – May 2015
    • Graduate research with Prof. Babak Borhan
    • Project: Chromophore/fluorophore synthesis and wavelength regulation of (hCRBP-II) protein-chromophore complex.

Honors and Awards

Sept. 2012  Mary Jane Merrill Scholarship Award by Central Michigan University

Sept. 2012  Outstanding Performance in Organic Chemistry Award by Central Michigan University

Oct. 2007    State Level 1st Prize, National Chemistry Olympiad of China