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Signage, product and merchandise standards

The most tangible use of the name Carnegie Mellon University can be found around campus—on buildings, vehicles, uniforms and merchandise.

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Campus Signage, Uniforms and Vehicles

The official university identity system must be applied to any new outdoor or indoor directional signs, to official staff uniforms and garments and to vehicles acquired by administrative units. Please contact Digital & Creative Services (Communications Design and Photography Group) if you are interested in updating any standard interior or exterior wayfinding or directional signage. They work closely with Facilities Management Services and have university signage guidelines that all campus constituents should follow.

For any new exterior signage on campus property or facilities, please contact Marketing & Communications first to facilitate the process. It may be taken to the University Design Committee for review and approval and require Campus Design & Facility Development depending on the scope.

The Carnegie Mellon University Wordmark will be added, initially to exterior signage as the design is updated.


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Product Endorsement

From time to time, the university creates games, robots and other products in the public eye. To make sure the university is properly credited with these innovative efforts, we have developed the endorsement statement, "created by CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY."

This statement should be used prominently on the product, closely following the product name.


Who May Use This Endorsement

The use of the endorsement statement must be approved by legal, licensing and Marketing & Communications to make sure the association with Carnegie Mellon is appropriate and fruitful for both the product and the university.

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Merchandise Guidelines

For complete guidelines for licensed merchandise, please see our merchandise guidelines [.pdf].

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Local Expression / Spirit Items

Carnegie Mellon is a vibrant, creative place. Many departments and organizations create identities for themselves around special events, or for special purposes meaningful to them.

If these "local expressions" items have limited range and are non-commercial, use of the official wordmark is not required or recommended. However, if the wordmark is used, please follow the guidelines for size, readability, color and controlled space around it—and do not add any other graphic element to the wordmark. Please note that use of wordmark requires approval from Marketing & Communications pr the Trademark Licensing Office. Download our merchandise guidelines [.pdf] for details.

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