Carnegie Mellon University

Digital Strategy

The Digital Strategy team is responsible for building a cohesive brand online, including the design and development of the core website.

The team works closely with the university's Computing Services to offer a central content management system (CMS) and design templates that can be used by units across the institution.

Portrait of Amanda Berneburg

Amanda Berneburg

Senior Director, Digital Strategy

Amanda oversees large and small website projects, from redesigns to specialized micro-sites. Prior to joining CMU, she worked at a public relations firm in Pittsburgh, where she supported a variety of clients including law firms, non-profits, and the manufacturers of Heinz ketchup. She received a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Westminster College. At home with her family, Amanda spends her time playing outside and blowing bubbles.
photo of Amber Becker

Amber Becker

Senior Digital Project Manager

Amber spearheads project management for the digital strategy team. Fueled by coffee and happy developers, she believes in the power of well-planned projects achieved through active communication, supportive education, clear workflows and progressive technology. She has a degree in public relations from Penn State and previously worked in the digital division of a regional retail brand, as well as an Internet marketing agency. When taking a breather from wrangling run-away processes, she’s likely to be knitting up a storm, racing off on weekend road trips with her husband or reading a classic novel.

Portrait of Steve Chabassol

Steve Chabassol

User Interface Designer & Developer

Steve produces the university’s web design standards, designs the content management system templates and helps to maintain He has an associate’s degree in multimedia from Pittsburgh Technical College and a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and music technology from CMU. Steve is a multi-genre music artist and poet, loves Jesus, and lives in the South Hills of Pittsburgh with his wife, children and pit bull.

Portrait of John Dermott

John Dermott

Digital Content Manager

John is responsible for helping website owners across campus manage their online content and think strategically about their website goals, audience and user experience. He has a bachelor’s degree in communication and advertising and a minor in visual communication design from Purdue University, whose team colors serendipitously match those of Pittsburgh’s national teams. When he’s not helping in the content management and creation process, John and his wife like to explore and eat their way around the world—Anthony Bourdain-style.
A photo of Greg Gillotti

Greg Gillotti

Technical Program Manager

Greg manages the development team and provides direction for technical projects in digital strategy. Coming from the world of consultancy and agency work, Greg has experience in designing and developing applications and websites for many industries, but especially higher education. In his free time, Greg writes, directs and performs comedy and, when the reviews are bad, retreats to the hills to hike.


photo of Chris Kornell

Chris Kornell

Sr. Front End Developer

Building on 10 years of experience, Chris specializes in front-end web development, developer operations and research and development. As part of the Digital Strategy team, he applies his skills to the university’s enterprise content management system, and to the critical path of CMU’s web presence as a whole. He loves designing workflows, systems and picking out subtle details in designs. When he’s not being a keyboard cowboy, you can find him in a CrossFit gym performing deadlifts or walking on his hands.

photo of Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin

Full Stack Web Developer

Andrew is helping to develop the next generation of the university’s content management system. Passionate about development, he has over 30 years of experience writing code and half of that is professional. He has built websites, big and small, for a broad range of clients from startup to government, nonprofit to enterprise, and across many types of industries. Andrew shares more than just a first name with Carnegie Mellon’s founder; he, too, was born and raised in Scotland. He loves single malts, good tea and puzzles. He also founded an IT firm and co-founded a community-focused nonprofit. When he's not behind a monitor, Andrew can often be found spending time with his wife and son, or at church.