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Pittsburgh Jewish Newspapers

Pittsburgh Jewish Newspapers [fulltext]. The Jewish Criterion (1902-1962) and The Jewish Chronicle (1962-present) have been digitized and made available online with the generous support of the United Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh. In 2011, the family of the late Henry Posner Jr. donated funds to digitize The American Jewish Outlook (1934-1962) and the Y-JCC Series (1927-1975), completing this useful, popular online archive.

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Philip Dowd for his support of the Chicago Portage Ledger project. The Ledger is contemporary newsletter about the history of the Chicago Portage, the overland link between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico - the site of present-day Chicago.

University Archives for digitizing the Faculty Bulletin Collection (1916-1971). The Faculty Bulletin of the Carnegie Institute of Technology outlines what faculty were doing (lectures, classes, research, programs, clubs, demonstrations, parties and policies) during the early and mid-history of Carnegie Mellon University.