Carnegie Mellon University

Administrative Leadership

Carnegie Mellon is led by a visionary administrative team deeply committed to delivering a transformative and innovative educational experience. Coordinated through the Office of the President, CMU vice presidents supervise the university's managerial responsibilities.

A photo of Angela Blanton

Angela Blanton

Vice President, Finance
Chief Financial Officer

The Finance Division provides university partners and stakeholders with the tools and resources needed to be well-informed leaders and effective decision makers. They provide data, information, analysis, knowledge and methods for our leaders to anticipate and respond effectively to the challenges facing the university.

A photo of Gina Casalegno

Gina Casalegno

Vice President, Student Affairs
Dean of Students

Student Affairs provides quality programs, experiences, services, and facilities that promote the intellectual growth, personal and professional development, health and well-being, safety and security, and social engagement for each member of the Carnegie Mellon community.

Mary Jo Dively

Mary Jo Dively

Vice President and General Counsel

The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) is responsible for addressing all of the legal issues arising from the activities of Carnegie Mellon University's schools, colleges, institutes and administrative departments. The OGC endeavors to render timely and thoughtful legal advice on the broad range of issues that the university's faculty, staff and administrators confront on behalf of Carnegie Mellon.

A portrait of Steve Kloehn

Steve Kloehn

Vice President, Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications (M&C) division at Carnegie Mellon is dedicated to strategically shaping the perception of the university brand by communicating and engaging with select audiences. M&C offers a broad range of marketing capabilities, including integrated communications strategies and consulting, online marketing, advertising, brand identity, direct marketing, event branding, graphic design, photography, promotion, development and admissions marketing, videography and more.

A portrait of Cathy Light

Cathy Light

Chief of Staff
Secretary of the Corporation

The Chief of Staff oversees the Office of the President and serves as the point of contact for various constituent groups, planning and guiding the initiatives and activities of the president and other senior leaders as they relate to the internal operations and global external relationships. The Secretary of the Corporation is an officer of the Board and supports the Board of Trustees, with the primary responsibility of facilitating all matters relating to governance of the university as carried out by the Board.

A portrait of Rodney McClendon

Rodney McClendon

Vice President, Division of Operations

The Division of Operations leads the university’s work in key areas of human, physical, and technological infrastructure and services, including human resources, facilities management, enterprise risk management, computing services, campus services, environmental health and safety, real estate services, campus design and facilities development and university police.

A portrait of Scott Mory

Scott Mory

Vice President, University Advancement

University Advancement at Carnegie Mellon supports the university's vision of having a transformative impact on society through continual innovation in education, research, creativity and entrepreneurship by championing its mission, building relationships with its constituencies and securing critical private philanthropic support. 

A portrait of Rick Siger

Rick Siger

Director of Strategic Initiatives and Engagement

The Director of Strategic Initiatives and Engagement leads the university’s strategic planning, connects university-wide initiatives with public and and private sectors, and expands the university’s relationships on a regional, national and global scale.

Senior Staff

A portrait of Kelly Elder

Kelly Elder

Executive Adminstrator and Office Manager, Office of the President

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A portrait of Tricia O'Reilly

Tricia O'Reilly

Senior Communications Strategist and Writer, Office of the President

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