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Other Opportunities for Employment at Carnegie Mellon University

Careers@CarnegieMellon lists our staff employment opportunities. There are other employment opportunities with Carnegie Mellon that are not listed on Careers@CarnegieMellon.

  • Faculty positions are generally hired through the academic department.
  • Custodial positions are hired through Integrated Service Solutions; contact 412-268-2036.
  • Dining positions are hired through Culinart; contact 412-268-8410.
  • Temporary positions are administered by Temporary Employment Service. Apply online.

Senior Research Programmer/Analyst

Carnegie Mellon University, The Robotics Institute seeks Senior Research Programmer/Analyst in Pittsburgh, PA.  Responsibilities include: (i) designing and developing or modifying existing software for the autonomous operation of robotic vehicles, including applications for user interface, robot autonomy, and perception using sensors such as cameras and lasers; (ii) applying current programming methodology and languages to computer-based systems; (iii) designing experiments and test plans to validate software in both laboratory and field settings; (iv) conducting field tests; (v) working as part of a team to recommend solutions to research problems with existing or proposed software; and (vi) providing in-depth support services for researchers and other users relative to software technology and system capabilities.
Requirements:  Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or Computer Science and three years of experience in software development.  Experience must include: (i) developing embedded and software services; (ii) testing system or application software; (iii) developing and integrating individual software modules as components of larger systems; (iv) applying C and C++ programming languages and methods; and (v) applying current software engineering methods and tools.  Must have knowledge (through course work or experience) of: (i) research skills applicable to the development of robotic systems; and (ii) specific domain application areas and their methods, such as artificial intelligence, data systems, robotics, and system programming.
Mail resume to Ms. Rachel Burcin, Carnegie Mellon University, The Robotics Institute, 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA  15213-3890.