Carnegie Mellon University
August 17, 2017

Quick survey to help CMU improve two-factor authentication

Dear Carnegie Mellon community members,

Last semester the university implemented a new Two-Factor Authentication service (2fa). Researchers at CMU's CyLab would like to take this moment to get your feedback one last time on your thoughts and experiences on this move toward two-factor authentication. We encourage you to participate whether or not you completed the previous surveys.

Participation is completely voluntary and anonymized. Your participation is completely voluntary and you can use the link below to complete a brief online consent form and access the survey:

The survey will be available for two weeks.

It does not matter if you have already enrolled for 2fa or not.

It does not matter if you participated in the first survey or not.

For more information regarding the 2fa service, visit

Continue to direct questions or comments regarding the 2fa service to the Computing Services Help Center at or 412-268-HELP.

Thank you,

Mary Ann Blair

Director of Information Security

Carnegie Mellon University