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Think Tanks and Research

Interested in research and the inner workings of policy-making? Want to work with world-renowned scholars on a daily basis? Consider an internship at a think tank!

Think tanks create and publish research, conducted by scholars who are experts in their fields, on a variety of topics to inform policy-making. Internships at think tanks fall into two broad categories -- staffing and research. For staffing placements, you can expect to work on a communications or events team, or help with human resource functions or fundraising. Research assistant interns are usually assigned to work with a particular scholar and help exclusively with that scholars’ research and publications.  

American Enterprise Institute
American Institutes for Research
Aspen Institute
Atlantic Council
Bipartisan Policy Center
Brookings Institution
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Cato Institute
Center for American Progress
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Center for Global Development
Center for International Policy
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Council on Foreign Relations
Freedom House
The Heritage Foundation
Hudson Institute
Institute for Policy Studies
Institute for the Study of War
Middle East Institute
New America
Pew Research Center
RTI International
The Stimson Center
The Urban Institute
The Wilson Center
World Resources Institute