Carnegie Mellon University

Conservation and Climate

Are you interested in learning more about climate change and its global effects? Are you passionate about preserving open spaces and national parks for future generations? Considering a career in conservation or environmental protection? The organizations below might be a good fit!

Interns at these organizations assist with research, event coordination and planning, social media account management, and sometimes writing. Interns often have the opportunity to learn from experts in the field and attend conferences and events around DC.

If you’re interested in looking at these issues from the federal government perspective, you should also check out an internship with the Environmental Protection Agency. If you’d like to work specifically on research and policy-making on these topics, you should also check out the think tank and advocacy sections.

The Climate Institute
The Climate Reality Project
Conservation International
Environmental Defense Fund
Environmental and Energy Study Institute
International Conservation Caucus Foundation
Ocean Conservancy
Wildlife Conservation Society
World Wildlife Fund