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Internship and Fellowship Opportunities

Students are encouraged to begin planning their professional development early in their college careers. In an effort to assist student exploration of internships and jobs, the Institute for Politics and Strategy (IPS) provides a variety of departmental resources and can connect students with additional university-wide opportunities. Below, you will find more information about the various professional development opportunities within IPS and the greater campus community.

IPS Internship Opportunities:

The Carnegie Mellon University Washington Semester Program (CMU/WSP) is available for undergraduates in any course of study at CMU. The Washington, DC-based program includes policy coursework and completion of a part-time internship. Application and placement assistance is provided through the program, and all students complete a complementary internship seminar dedicated to reflecting and enhancing their professional development experience. For those pursuing a non-IPS major, participation in CMU/WSP also provides the opportunity for a minor in Politics & Public Policy. Examples of CMU/WSP student internships can be viewed here.

The International Relations and Politics Accelerated Master’s Program (MS IRP-AMP) is a graduate program available to undergraduates who have completed an IPS major or minor, or who have participated in the CMU/WSP (see above), or who have received departmental approval. During the summer between students’ fourth and fifth years of study, participants complete a full-time policy-related internship of their choice. Application and placement assistance is provided through the program.

The summer Friedman Fellowship is a scholarship opportunity available to both undergraduate and graduate students at Carnegie Mellon University. Recipients of the summer fellowship will complete a full-time policy-related internship in Washington, DC, and the cohort will have access to a variety of networking and social summer activities. Application and placement assistance is provided through the fellowship.

For more information about IPS internship opportunities and placement assistance, please reach out to Emily Half (, Deputy Director of IPS.

Additional Campus Resources:

Students should consult early on with the Carnegie Mellon University Career and Professional Development Center for guidance on resume development, internship and job exploration, and networking opportunities.

Dietrich College Summer Internship Opportunity Grants are designed to help defray expenses incurred during summer internships. Undergraduates with primary majors in Dietrich, BHA, and SHS and strong academic records are eligible for these grants.   

The Pittsburgh Summer Internship Program assists Dietrich students in their sophomore or junior year with placement and funding for Pittsburgh-based internship opportunities. See the program website for additional information, timeline, and application instructions.

Intended to retain Carnegie Mellon students in the Pittsburgh region, the Peter C. Dozzi Pittsburgh Internship Initiative is offered through the CMU Career and Professional Development Center and provides funding to students who choose to pursue summer internships in Pittsburgh.

The Carnegie Mellon University Fellowships and Scholarships Office offers guidance and support for students pursuing fellowship opportunities, such as the prestigious Fulbright, Marshall, Rhodes, and Truman fellowships, which can enhance their academic experience while developing their professional skills and network. The fellowships listed here have been chosen for their relevance to international relations, public policy, and public service.

The Alexander Hamilton Society Summer Fellows Program provides grants to fund AHS students with unpaid summer internships in Washington, DC. The competitive fellowship empowers students to pursue their professional interests in line with AHS' mission and goals, expanding their professional horizons in the fields of foreign, defense, and economic policy. A status signal for potential employers, it helps students both procure and accept internships, thus ultimately increasing their chances of securing long-term employment after graduation. 

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