Carnegie Mellon University

Research Opportunities

Students interested in pursuing advanced degrees or careers in political science and international relations may wish to explore research opportunities on or off campus.

IPS students interested in doing research for credit with an IPS faculty member on the faculty member's ongoing research, should contact the faculty member directly about the opportunity.  Once the student and faculty member have agreed on the research project, please complete the Institute for Politics and Strategy Research for Credit Form and submit it to the associate director of academic affairs.

Students interested in undergraduate research should consult the resources available through the Carnegie Mellon Undergraduate Research Office (URO). The list below highlights opportunities available through the URO, Dietrich College, and the Institute for Politics and Strategy.

Research Training for Undergraduates Through this academic course, qualified first- and second-year students have the opportunity to work directly with an H&SS faculty member on an ongoing research project.  For more information contact Associate Director of Academic Affairs, Emily Half.
Small Undergraduate Research Grants (SURG), Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF), and International Small Undergraduate Research Grants (ISURG) Offered by Carnegie Mellon University's Undergraduate Research Office, these grants and fellowships provide funding for undergraduate students to pursue research in any discipline.
Summer Undergraduate Research Apprenticeships (SURA) The Summer Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship (SURA) course awards tuition-free elective credit to first-year and sophomore undergraduates at Carnegie Mellon for existing faculty projects focused on undergraduate research or creative inquiry under the direction of a Carnegie Mellon faculty member. For more information, contact Joanna Dickert, in the Office of Undergraduate Research.
Research Lab in International Relations and Politics Paid and unpaid positions are available for students with strong interest or training in international relations. For more information, contact the Research Lab in International and Politics at
CIRP Journal Regularly publishes original student research on topics related to international relations and domestic politics. Essays are posted to CIRP's website.  For more information contact CIRP Journal at
Meeting of the Minds An annual undergraduate research symposium organized by the Undergraduate Research Office each spring. All students engaged in undergraduate research are encouraged to apply.
Dietrich College Senior Honors Program Through the Dietrich College Senior Honors Program students complete an honors thesis and graduate with College Honors.  For more information contact Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Joseph Devine.
Dietrich Honors Fellowship Seniors in the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences’ Senior Honors Program typically research and write their theses during their final year – at the same time that they are taking classes, participating in internships and planning their next steps. In order to give select students a head start on theses development, the Dietrich College offers the Senior Honors Fellowship Program. Fellows will spend the summer before their senior year undertaking early-stage research and development of their thesis topics. Summer months offer an opportunity for fellows to build a strong foundation for their thesis, creating momentum for academic year pursuits leading to completion of the project by the end of the spring term.  The research projects are funded through direct support to either a specific student’s work or a general fellowship fund. For more information contact Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Joseph Devine.