Carnegie Mellon University

Internship Opportunities

Internships and fellowships, available during both the academic year and the summer, provide students with numerous opportunities to develop their professional abilities and knowledge of policy-related fields. Students interested in taking courses and working as interns during a semester in Washington, DC, should apply to the Carnegie Mellon Washington Semester Program (CMU/WSP). Students should consult the CMU Career and Professional Development Center for guidance in searching for an internship. 


IPS and CMU/WSP are strongly encouraged to apply to the following internship opportunities:

Organization Approx. Application Dates
The White House
  • Spring: August 24;
  • Summer: January 11;
  • Fall: May 3
The State Department
  • Spring: July 1;
  • Summer: October 1;
  • Fall: March 1

Other Opportunities

Research Associates of the Center for International Relations and Politics have compiled an extensive list of policy-related internships. This list is updated periodically, so students should check back to ensure that they have the most recent version. Please e-mail any suggested edits, updates, or additional internship opportunities to

Financial Resources

Milton and Cynthia Friedman Fellowships

The Milton and Cynthia Friedman Fellowships in Washington, DC, were created in 2000 through a generous gift from Cynthia Friedman, currently an emeritus trustee of the university, in memory of her husband, an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon. The grants encourage and support the participation of undergraduate and graduate students in policy-related internships located in the nation's capital. They are designed to foster significant work experiences that complement students' coursework and assist them as they make career and graduate education decisions.

Academically qualified students may apply for Summer Friedman Fellowships through the Carnegie Mellon University Office of Government Relations.

Students participating in CMU/WSP are eligible for Semester Friedman Fellowships, which are awarded at the time of admission to the CMU/WSP at the discretion of the CMU/WSP admissions committee.

Dietrich College Summer Internship Opportunity Grants

Dietrich College Summer Internship Opportunity Grants are designed to help defray expenses incurred during summer internships. Undergraduates with primary majors in H&SS, BHA, and SHS and strong academic records are eligible for these grants.   

The Peter C. Dozzi Pittsburgh Internship Initiative

Intended to retain Carnegie Mellon students in the Pittsburgh region, the Peter C. Dozzi Pittsburgh Internship Initiative is offered through the CMU Career and Professional Development Center and provides funding to students who choose to pursue internships in Pittsburgh.

Fellowship Opportunities

Fellowships provide another path by which students can enhance their academic experience while developing their professional skills and network. In addition to the resources listed here, students should consult the Carnegie Mellon University Fellowships and Scholarships Office for guidance and support, particularly with regard to prestigious fellowships such as the Fulbright, Marshall, Rhodes, and Truman. The fellowships listed here have been chosen for their relevance to international relations, public policy, and public service.


Students are strongly encouraged to apply to various fellowship programs. Check out a detailed list below: