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Encroachment justified, in times of grave danger

May 06, 2020

Encroachment justified, in times of grave danger

By Adele Dazeem

In times of grave danger and total chaos, Americans are completely justified in allowing a slight encroachment on their civil liberties in order to better the country as a whole. The United States of America was founded on the idea that we must stick together. Whether it be a global pandemic like Covid-19, or a national disaster like 9/11, it is the duty of Americans and their government to take the right steps to ensure the safety and advancement of their country. When putting the country before one’s self, it is easy for basic civil liberties and freedoms to be infringed upon and allowing that to happen is what defines a true American. Someone who is willing to put others and the greater good above personal motives, with acts as simple as staying home for a couple of weeks.

Throughout its history, the United States has worked tirelessly to prove its place as a great power on the international stage. As time progressed and the United States gained the power it had sought for so long, it realized that indeed with great power comes many requirements and responsibilities. In the midst of these international challenges, we see a tension build between the foundation of American values and the responsibilities we take on as a world power. Even in the hardest of times, Americans have always found a way to keep moving while maintaining the emancipations that are awarded to them as citizens. As a democratic state, it is the obligation of the US’ leaders to take the necessary steps in displaying the country from the perspective of all of its citizens.

If one were to analyze how the United States has reacted to the most difficult international challenges in its recent history, it would quickly realize that we are a country of action. After the tragic events of 9/11, we took the proper steps to allow us to move forward as a country while simultaneously making a statement to the world that we were not to be attacked. In doing so, many of American citizens’ civil liberties were altered in a fashion never seen before. This change took some getting used to but ultimately it was what the country needed. America once again finds itself in a difficult situation with Covid-19, knowing that in order to mitigate the disease fully they would have to encroach upon the freedoms of their citizens. This dilemma actually left the United States even more vulnerable to the disease as its people did not realize the magnitude of what was about to happen. One can imagine that if the government had intervened more and mandated orders such as citizens staying home, our country would not be leading the world in cases of Covid-19. This point goes to prove that the encroachment on citizens’ rights should not only be allowed but at times it should be encouraged in order to guarantee the safety and well-being of the country.