Carnegie Mellon University


IPS Assistant Teaching Professor Colin P. Clarke parsed the Department of Homeland Security's Homeland Threat Assessment report.


IPS Senior Fellow Richard Grenell outlined America's foreign-policy goals for the next ten years and the means by which to achieve them. 


IPS Research Fellow Abby W. Schachter excerpted an essay she wrote about the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting. The essay will appear in the book, Bound in the Bond of Life: Pittsburgh writers reflect on the Tree of Life tragedy, which was released October 27, 2020, the two-year anniversary of the shooting.


IPS Postdoctoral Fellow Daniel Hansen discussed the Federal Reserve's policy shift and the difference in expected outcomes between inflation-based and employment-based policies.


Research Coordinator John Chin analyzed the coup in Mali that unseated Ibrahim B. Keita, the first unconstitutional military ouster of the coronavirus era. 


Colin Dueck, a professor at George Mason University who gave a virtual lecture this semester at the IPS Policy Forum, authored the inaugural article in our online extension of the Carnegie Mellon University Journal of Politics and Strategy. His piece discusses the ways in which the Trump administration can take a hard stance with allies and competitors, but also expresses a willingness to negotiate.