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Alma Keshavarz

Alma Keshavarz

Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Politics and Strategy


Alma Keshavarz is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Institute for Politics and Strategy. Prior to joining Carnegie Mellon, Alma served in the Office of Policy Planning at the US Department of State, where she covered Iran and Iraq.

Since 2016, Alma has written for Small Wars Journal, specializing in the study of Iran and Hezbollah. Her research includes cybersecurity and national security strategy with a regional focus on the Middle East, specifically Iran, Iraq, Syria, and violent non-state actors. She is currently a Small Wars Journal – El Centro Associate, where she has edited and contributed to anthologies on the Islamic State and urban warfare. She is also a Hoover Institution Research Assistant on national security matters and a member of the Pacific Council on International Policy. Her works have appeared in the Atlantic Council, Small Wars Journal, and she has co-published numerous works for the Foreign Military Studies Office (FMSO), in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Alma earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and English from the University of California-Davis and a Master of Public Policy degree in American Politics and International Relations from Pepperdine University. She also earned both a Master of Arts in American Politics and a PhD in Political Science from Claremont Graduate University. 

Alma is fluent in Farsi, Dari, and Spanish, and previously served as a Non-resident Fellow in Terrorism and Security Studies at TRENDS Research and Advisory.