Carnegie Mellon University

Statement from IPS Director and Taube Professor Kiron Skinner on Ambassador Richard Grenell

The Institute for Politics and Strategy is fully committed to intellectual diversity, which is the hallmark of the Academy. As one of the diverse academic departments at Carnegie Mellon University, IPS has numerous people of color on its faculty, both in Pittsburgh and Washington, DC. IPS also welcomes with a full heart students, staff, and faculty with a variety of political views. It is in the spirit of intellectual freedom that I proudly invited Ambassador Richard Grenell to become an IPS Senior Fellow. As the nation’s first openly gay member of a president’s cabinet, a political conservative, a Christian, and a ten-year veteran of the State Department, Ambassador Grenell brings a unique perspective to the practice of US diplomacy and politics. I served with Ambassador Grenell at the State Department and found him to be personally and professionally generous and respectful of varying opinions. As an IPS Senior Fellow, Ambassador Grenell will not teach classes but will engage with the CMU community in a variety of forums designed to increase our understanding of the new Europe, international relations more broadly, and the US-led diplomatic effort to decriminalize homosexuality throughout the world.

Kiron Skinner
Director, Institute for Politics and Strategy
Taube Professor of International Relations and Politics