Carnegie Mellon University

International Relations Graduate Seminar

Course Number: 84-726

In this seminar, graduate students will critically evaluate and debate the foundational theories of international relations. It covers "great books" in the study of IR, prompting students to present, critique, and defend the main theoretical approaches that attempt to explain what causes states to compete or cooperate. This approach will provide a stable platform from which IR students may delve deeper into the literature while apprising students of other concentrations of the general structure and large debates in the field. All students will emerge with a basic tooklit to analyze and apply grand theories and methodological issues to their own research.

Academic Year: 2022-2023
Semester(s): Fall
Required/Elective: Required
Units: 12
Location(s): Pittsburgh

Ben Helms

Fall 2022
Tuesday and Thursdsay
10:10-11:30 AM

Required course for the following IPS degree:
Master of Science in International Relations and Politics